How To Deal With Achilles Tendonitis Caused By Running

Achilles tendonitis is a common foot injury that happens when you suddenly increase physical activity. It can happen when you start running for longer distances without gradually working up to your new routine. The Achilles tendon runs along your lower leg and the heel of your foot. When it's injured, you usually feel pain in your heel. Here are some suggestions for ways to deal with heel pain caused by this injury.

5 Things Diabetics Need To Know About Foot Infections

About one million Canadians have nerve damage in their extremities because of diabetes. Nerve damage causes problems like pain, numbness, and tingling in the affected areas, and when this happens to your feet, you can injure your feet without realizing it. Even worse, these injuries can get infected. Foot infections are a major problem for diabetics; here's what you need to know about this serious complication. How are you supposed to know your feet are injured?