Care For Aging Feet: Manage Your Tired, Cramped Feet With These Tips

If your feet feel tired or cramped at the end of the day, you might try a few basic things to improve their condition, such as soaking your feet in warm water or applying lotion to your skin. Although these foot care steps can be helpful, they may not be enough to improve the overall condition of your feet. Sometimes you need to take your foot care regimen a step further.

What To Expect If You're Facing Bunion Surgery

If your bunion is so painful that you can barely make it through work or go about your usual activities, then it may be time to consider surgery. When changing the type of shoes you wear and using orthotics or padding doesn't do anything to relieve the pain, then your condition may be so severe that surgery is the only option for permanent pain relief. Here's what to expect when you undergo bunion surgery.

How To Deal With Achilles Tendonitis Caused By Running

Achilles tendonitis is a common foot injury that happens when you suddenly increase physical activity. It can happen when you start running for longer distances without gradually working up to your new routine. The Achilles tendon runs along your lower leg and the heel of your foot. When it's injured, you usually feel pain in your heel. Here are some suggestions for ways to deal with heel pain caused by this injury.