Three Feet Problems You Might Encounter

Problems with your feet can have major impacts on your daily life. Unfortunately, there are many potential issues that your feet could experience, and you may not be informed or experienced with what is needed to handle these problems or the warning signs that these issues are developing.

Fungal Issues

Fungal and bacterial problems can be a very common issue for feet. Your shoes can create an ideal environment for the growth of fungi and bacteria. One of the more frequent ways that this can cause problems will be through these germs getting under the toenail where they can grow and reproduce. Eventually, this can lead to a serious infection of the toenail. Additionally, the skin of your foot can also be vulnerable to developing infections due to the germs in your shoes. Regularly cleaning your shoes and replacing them when they become extremely dirty can help to reduce the exposure your feet have to these substances. For those that regularly visit the gym, this can be an area where exposure to these substances can occur. Wearing shower shoes and limiting the contact between your feet and the dressing room floor will help to reduce your risk of developing fungal issues with your feet.

Chronic Ingrown Toenails

It is normal for individuals to occasionally get an ingrown toenail. However, some people will have the unfortunate luck of suffering from chronic ingrown toenails. This can be an extremely painful problem to experience. For individuals that develop severe ingrown toenails, it may be possible for the toenail to actually grow through the side of the toe if it is left untreated. Luckily, a podiatrist will be able to correct this problem by surgically removing the ingrown portion of the toenail. In extreme cases, the shape of the toenail can be permanently adjusted to further reduce this risk, but most patients will not require this type of a drastic step.

Collapsing Arch

The arch of your foot is responsible for distributing the weight of the body so that it will not put excessive strain on any one part of the foot. Unfortunately, some people will be prone to their arch collapsing. When this occurs, the foot can become far flatter, and it will be much less able to support the weight of the body. While surgery may be an option for correcting this problem, it may be avoided if treatments start soon after the arch starts falling. These treatments can include wearing special orthotics and undergoing physical therapy to strengthen the arch.

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