Keep Proper Care Of Your Feet

You should learn about wound care with regard to your feet, no matter what your current health state is and no matter what your lifestyle and workday consist of. Just about everyone counts on their feet to get around, and even someone who is in a wheelchair will need to care for their feet with the same diligence as everyone else. Here is a guide on basic foot care and wound care so you become more familiar with the things you should be doing to take proper care of your feet.

Keep your feet clean

The number one thing to do to take good care of your feet is to keep them clean. Make sure you wash them after you have been wearing open shoes, and change your socks after you wash your feet. Don't wear the same socks two days in a row, don't walk around outside barefoot, and keep your footwear clean. Keeping your feet clean will help you to prevent a wound from getting infected if you get one. Sometimes, you can get such a small cut or poke on the bottom of your foot that you may not even know its there, but it will still be bad to have dirt go in it.

Don't walk in dangerous areas barefoot

While it should be obvious that you don't want to walk around outside barefoot, you also don't want to walk anywhere else dangerous without shoes on. For example, walking on a wooden deck that isn't perfectly finished can put you at risk of getting splinters. Walking at the beach barefoot will leave you at risk of cutting the bottom of your foot on a broken seashell, glass, or anything else you won't be able to see since it will be hidden in the glass.

Wear the right shoes for the task

If you are going to go jogging, wear supportive running shoes. If you are going to be working in a kitchen, then wear non-slip shoes. If you are going to be working around machinery, then wear steel toe work boots. No matter what shoes you wear, you want to make sure they have good arch and ankle support.

Care for foot wounds promptly and properly

If you have a wound on your foot, you want to take it seriously. You should wash it and use hydrogen peroxide to draw dirt and debris out of the wound. Dry the area with a sterile gauze, and apply some antibiotic ointment to the wound. Put a sterile gauze over the wound to protect it and keep it clean. Take the gauze off a couple times a day to rewash the wound and allow it to get some air.